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« on: June 26, 2017, 08:01:03 PM »

Bill Dosser

From 45 years ago (today). Here's an article from the Corsicana Daily Sun - June 25, 1972.
It probably interests my Ham Radio friends, and people who know Dr Ralston Gober (Linda Gober) and John Collier.

By BETTY JEAN CLAY Sun Staff Writer (Corsicana Daily Sun – June 25, 1972)

Two Corsicana ham radio operators, John Collier and Dr. Ralston Gober, have set up portable transmitters to participate this weekend in a 24-hour emergency simulation that is sponsored annually by the American Radio Relay league.

The simulation is conducted nationwide as a contest among ARRL members who are recognized on the basis of who makes the most contacts with other ham operators around the country. In times of real emergency, frequently regular lines of communication in a disaster area are disrupted-telephone lines are down and radio and television stations are knocked off the air- and ham operators utilizing equipment with portable generators relay messages from elsewhere into the stricken area, or from the affected area to other places which send in help.

During Hurricane Camille which hit Corpus Christi about two years ago. Collier and Gober handled 25 emergency messages to and from Corpus Christi. Both operate as communications specialists for the Red Cross chapter’s disaster committee. Two years ago when they participated in the annual ARRL emergency simulation contest, they won the District 10 contests for having made the most contacts,1900, with other ham operators.

The U.S. is divided into 10 districts, with District 10 embracing the five southwestern states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. They set their portable generators, antennas and transmitters up on the roof of State National Bank then. This year, their location is in a tent behind Collins Middle School. The emergency simulation began noon Saturday and is continuing through noon today.

Saturday the pair moved onto their chosen site, stringing up an antenna in the trees, moving in their individual 200 watt transmitters and a portable generator loaned to them by the Corsicana Emergency Corps. Under the simulated emergency participants must use portable gasoline fueled generators to provide electricity for energy in transmission.

As soon as they set up Dr. Gober, who has engaged in ham radio operations for 19 years as a hobby, got on the ”air” under his call letters “W5ZNN” and Collier, whose call letters are “WB5AIR” has been at his mike sending out calls seeking to contact other ARRL members anywhere in the United States, and answering any operators who calls they monitor. Collier has been a ham operator about 7 years.

The Federal Communications Commission requires hams keep a log of all transmissions and these will be submitted to ARRL for its verification of the contacts the Corsicanans and other contestants make, either in answering or sending out messages. Two years ago Collier’s and Gober’s furthermost points of contact with other hams were in Venezuela and Brazil. While the simulation is restricted to contacts made within the U S., they are both anxious to see how far their call letters reach out this time and receive a response.

From online Archives of the Corsicana Daily Sun – June 25, 1972 (45 years ago)

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