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State Country Talkgroup Name Description
  AU 505 Australia Australian wide talk group.
ON CA 3023 Ontario Meeting Place for Ontario Hams
ON CA 3024 SODA Southern Ontario Digital Association
  CA 302 Canada Canada Wide
  Global 100 Parrot ( PRIVATE CALL ) To hear how you sound to other stations
  Global 101 TAC-101  
  Global 102 TAC-102  
  Global 103 TAC-103  
  Global 110 North America  
  Global 111 Europe  
  Global 112 Asia Pacific  
  Global 113 World Wide English  
  Global 114 World Wide  
  Global 115 Over The Road  
  Global 201 TESTING  
  Global 202 TESTING  
  Global 203 DigiComm Cafe multimode system of digital modes for group communications which includes Allstarlink, Echolink, DMR, DStar, Teamspeak, and the Hamshack Hotline.
  Global 204 Technology First discuss all different aspects of technology and amateur radio
  Global 267 PASOLA-Club to keep a group of ham radio operators train to help with communications in and emeg event
  Global 316 N5OGD-John 3:16  
  Global 319 YLSYSTEMS Formed by YLs in Florida as an emergency net
  Global 321 Tech One  
  Global 334 Reserved reserved for a connection to XLX334
  Global 450 1st Responders 1st Responders Talk Group
  Global 777 SCAN openes all TG to hear
  Global 2170 The Oregon Trail radio operators from not only Missouri to Oregon, but from all corners of the world
  Global 3128 Earsonly  
  Global 3933 Black Sheep Lounge Group of guys that have been together a long time on HF
  Global 4000 No Transmit  
  Global 5323 TX Misfits Friends of Mine Amateur Radio Club
  Global 7185 Rotarians of Amateur Radio  
  Global 7399 Amateur Radio Missionary Service Christian Amateur Radio operators
  Global 9911 EMCOM Emergency Communications (EMCOM)
  Global 9990 Parrot ( PRIVATE CALL ) To hear how you sound to other stations
  Global 14652 Simplex Junkies about using your VHF or UHF radios and antennas No repeaters or internet
  Global 31207 QRM Chat Room  
  Global 31326 Micro-Node International  
  Global 31489 DMR Track Best talkgroup, nuff said
  Global 31625 The Hangout Spot  
  Global 31655 Ham Radio Venture Overland Focus on all things Outdoors from Hiking to survival and everything in between
  Global 31665 TGIF the main or default talk group on the DMR server
  Global 31672 Pi-Star Chat  
  Global 31674 TheGuild to promote the amateur radio hobby to those interested in radio communications
  Global 31801 The Gathering Spot a place to chat an have fun
  Global 33013 Lantinos Unidos for people around the world in Latin America and all are welcome Spanish and English this Talk Group is also affiliated with KC2ABV Repeater
  Global 53099 XLX750  
  IE 117 Celtic Cluster Ireland North and South
  IL 1818 Israel  
  PR 330 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Main talk group
  PR 33014 Puerto Rico Digital System affiliated with the KC2ABV Repeater System
  PR 33017 PRNet Club that is based on the US and PR
  UK 116 United Kingdom  
  UK 120 North West Radio Group (UK) North West Radio Group (UK)
  UK 2350 UK Chatterbox  
  UK 23526 HUBNet HUBNet AllStar Link, the biggest network of analog FM repeaters, gateways and hotspots in the UK.
CA US 30639 NorCalBridge-Multimode Wires X node, YSF server, XLX server, P25 server and a NXDN server. The system currently has bridges connecting to the repeater and Wires X node.
CT US 345 CTDG Connecticut Digital Group AKA Connecticut DSTAR group
CT US 991 PVRA The Pioneer Valley Radio Association
CT US 992 TANN Talk About Nothing Net
DC US 42020 DMV DC Metro Area Region -- Comms and Chat
FL US 312 Florida  
FL US 850 FL Panhandle RC hams in the Florida Panhandle between Tallahassee and Pensacola
IL US 31171 Illinois Link talkgroup is for anyone in Illinois to use or anyone anywhere
IN US 317 Indiana  
MI US 318 Michigan discussions and Ham's in the Michigan area
NC US 412 Raleigh based in Raleigh, NC
NE US 1212 KB1NE New England Wireless Club
NH US 31331 Norther NH AllStar Link Northern New Hampshire AllStar Link Network (NNHASL).
NM US 315 New Mexico  
NY US 212 New York Link  
NY US 3039 Native New Yorkers TG Native New Yorkers TG
NY US 3154 Buffalo Ham Group  
OK US 403 Okie Link Oklahoma Link Talk group
OK US 31403 Oklahoma Link Official Oklahoma Link Talk Groups
PA US 215 Philadelphia  
PA US 314 PA CREW added to the KC2ABV Repeater System on TS1
PA US 745 KX3B Tri-State-Link repeater at Lancaster, PA
PA US 31018 KC2ABV REPEATER SYSTEM Repeater system in Catasauqua PA. time slot one on TGIF Network on TS1 and Brandmeister Network on TS2
PA US 37030 SKYNET affiliated with the KC2ABV Repeater System
PA US 65911 WC3PS-WEARS WC3PS. (Westmoreland County 3 Public Service)
RI US 3144 Rhode Island Chat Rhode Island Chat
SC US 46075 KE4TLC Group Allstar Node 48875 in the cloud. Also KE4TLC-R EchoLink node
TX US 189 North Central Texas Connection to provide a backup system for the National Weather Service and their weather spotters
TX US 190 RWK Richardson Wireless Klub
TX US 489 Texas Happy Hour It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
TX US 713 Houston Metro 4th largest city in the USA
TX US 3148 Texas Statewide Talkgroup  
TX US 32682 KE5MS Group constant communications for law enforcement officers in the Houston, Texas area.
TX US 49307 K5SAG - Haslet, TX  
VA US 970 ole Virginia Hams a Amateur Radio Club in Prince William County Virginia
WI US 500 Wiscnsin  
  US 411 The Carolinas Hams in or around North and South Carolina
  US 431 W5CBT GROUP  
  US 440 Carolina 440 Carolina 440 UHF Link System
  US 519 Mt.Mitchell Hams The Mount Mitchell repeater NC SC TN VA KY
  US 702 CC&lARA Cape Cod & Islands Amateur Radio Association
  US 28299 America-RC  
  US 31360 Tri State NY/NJ/PA mainly users from the Tri State Area (NY/NJ/PA)
  ZL 287 The Real Kiwi Rm  
  ZL 530 New Zealand